Tire Retreading

Retreading is the process of replacing a worn-out tread on a tire, extending its lifespan and saving the cost of a replacement tire. Retreading can be performed on a tire as long as its casing is still structurally sound, and may be performed two or three times on the same tire.

Why Retreads?

Why get your tire retreaded instead of simply buying a replacement tire? There are many advantages to retreading:

The Retreading Process

The retreading process always begins with an inspection of the tire casing to ensure that it is usable. Inspections are completed visually and with state-of-the-art SpectraScan to check for invisible fractures or structural damage. Once the casing has been assessed and repaired, there are two main processes used to replace the tread.

After the new tread has been applied, the tire is tested in an Inflation Test Machine to check for any structural flaws. When the tire has passed inspection, it is repainted and product labels are applied, resulting in a completed, quality appearance.
Retreading is a safe, cost-effective process for extending the life of your tires. Contact CIMC Commercial Tires for more information.

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