The Difference in Our Tires

Industrial Grade Pneumatic Threaded Tires

A Tire is a hermetic pressure vessel incorporating rubber, reinforcement plies, steel and chemical products.

When mounted on a vehicle, it carries the load and connects the vehicle with the road surface transmitting momentum, directional change and providing traction and braking forces.

Primary Functions of a Tire

Load Bearing

Transfer Force

Absorb Impacts

Handling & Steering

Tires are the second highest fleet operating expense after fuel. The Heavy Duty Truck and Trailer aftermarket parts business generates revenue of $32 Billion annually. Replacement Truck Tires represent $8 Billion of revenue generation annually. 18.4 million replacement truck tires are sold in the US annually. 5.6 Million OEM Wheel Positions are sold annually. They are highly consumable but treated as a fleet asset.

CIMC Commercial Tires

Whether you’re a local delivery service, a school district with a fleet of buses, or a long haul trucker covering many thousands of miles a year, you need durable tires to keep your vehicles in good order and your freight and passengers safe.

After fuel, tires are the second highest fleet operating expense. The cost of replacement tires can add up, but fortunately, retreading is a solution that will enable you to extend your tires’ lifespan safely and cost-effectively.

Small Details Make a Big Difference

Tires provide several important functions, including:

  • Supporting the weight of the vehicle.
  • Providing a point of contact with the road, transferring traction and braking forces.
  • Absorbing impacts from the road.
  • Allowing the vehicle to maintain a consistent direction and change it when necessary.

Tires inevitably become damaged or worn-out. They can be punctured by nails, broken glass, or other sharp objects in the road. But often, the damage occurs to the tire’s tread. The tread is the outer portion of a tire that contacts the road’s surface. Due to friction, the tread will gradually wear away until it provides poor traction, creating an unsafe driving environment and increasing the risk of blowouts.

Improve Your Cost-Per-Mile

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