TreadWare is software by and for retreaders. We at CIMC Commercial Tires use TreadWare for all our inspections, repairs, and transactions. From the beginning to the end of the retreading process, your tires are tracked by TreadWare, allowing for a fast, consistent quality of service.

Benefits of TreadWare

Rather than trying to fit the retreading process into an existing program, TreadWare was designed from the ground up to suit the process.

The TreadWare Difference

TreadWare is constantly updated, with releases twice per year, and includes a 24/7 remote training lab. The software arrives with all the parts and support required to install the program and troubleshoot problems if they arise. TreadWare has simple, generic Windows hardware requirements and will integrate with any device running Windows 7 or newer.

You deserve the best quality of service, and your tires deserve individualized attention. With TreadWare, CIMC Commercial Tires can provide that attention, with custom repairs and retreading on each tire, and a unique entry for your tire into our system so that when you return, our repairs can have a continuity of service.


Optimized for performance to reduce your cost per mile

At CIMC Commercial Tires our mission is to earn and develop long-lasting relationships with our customers and business partners through responsive actions, dedication to quality and the highest standard of manufacturing.

"Our Retread Process is the best process in North America. Our Factory is state of the art and is expected to grow."


Constantly Working to Improve Cost and Efficiency

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